Adjust launches connected TV measurement solution ‘CTV AdVision’

  •  May 13,2022 ByIndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Adjust has launched a connected TV (CTV) measurement solution called CTV AdVision.

“As marketers increasingly leverage this growing channel as part of their overall marketing strategy, many grapple with measurement challenges, including fragmentation, complexity and expense, that are preventing them from taking advantage of CTV advertising to reach a massive engaged viewership,” said the statement.

As per a report by Interactive Advertising Bureau, advertising spend on CTV is projected to surpass $21 billion in 2022. The IAB reports indicates that 18 per cent of total ad spend on video including CTV, social, short-form video and traditional linear TV is currently allocated to CTV.

“Marketers have struggled to turn CTV into a performance channel because, until now, they didn’t have the data to do so,” said Adjust director of connected TV and new channels Gijsbert Pols. “What sets CTV AdVision apart is that it offers brands of all sizes the ability to analyze the assisting power of CTV on performance and reveals the extent to which CTV is helping other channels to convert and improve ROI.”

CTV AdVision combines Adjust’s connected TV measurement offerings including CTV to Mobile and CTV to CTV with a dedicated CTV dashboard in Datascape. Marketers will be able to see how their CTV campaigns are performing overall, as well as the impact of CTV campaigns on their apps with metrics and KPIs, such as installs, revenue and RoI. Additionally, in the Datascape Overview dashboard and report building tool, marketers can gain a holistic view of their user acquisition and retention strategies to see CTV performance in context of other channels.

The measurement solution will empower marketers to measure CTV campaign influence on mobile apps, analyse the assisting value of CTV campaigns on other campaigns, such as search and social, including the presence of CTV in customer journeys, measure the impact of advertising campaigns for apps functioning on CTV devices, create and track QR codes optimised for CTV In the dashboard and customize the attribution logic to fit the specific needs of the CTV ecosystem.

“As CTV becomes a more prominent channel in advertising, we know marketers need to be able to prove ROI on their CTV campaigns,” said Adjust chief product officer Katie Madding. “We built CTV AdVision to empower marketers and advertisers with a unified attribution method, with reliable data and visualizations on CTV performance, that allows for consistent and independent measurement.”

Adjust has partner integrations with leaders in the CTV ecosystem from platform providers like Samsung to intermediaries such as The Trade Desk and tvScientific.

Clients including Plarium and PeopleFun are already using CTV AdVision to overcome the challenges of advertising on CTV.

“With Adjust’s CTV AdVision, we’ve been able to achieve heightened visibility into the performance of our CTV efforts to optimize our campaigns,” said Plarium team lead Shlomi Laufer. “Previously, we had to make choices for our CTV marketing without the data to support or guide our decisions. With CTV AdVision, we’re able to easily and confidently purchase CTV ads."

“By using Adjust's CTV AdVision, our growth team can view PeopleFun's connected TV marketing strategy within the context of its greater digital marketing efforts,” said PeopleFun CEO Carol Miu. “We can now rely on one measurement solution, Adjust, when we promote our hit puzzle game Wordscapes on CTV. Before, we had to synthesize different measurement solutions from each CTV provider.”