This wedding season, Tanishq initiates new conversation with #MarriageConversations

  •  November 25,2021 ByIndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: It is that time of the year when the wedding season plays out all over India. And amidst all the celebrations & planning around a ‘big, fat Indian wedding,’ an aspect that often plays second fiddle is the 'marriage' or the issues that truly matter in a marriage. Thus, to try and rescript India’s wedding narrative, Tanishq has launched its latest campaign - #MarriageConversations.

Conceptualised and executed by Dentsu Webchutney, the digital creative agency from the house of dentsu India, the campaign aims to encourage couples to have conversations about the marriage and the life they want to build together, as much as the wedding itself.

“This wedding season, we want to encourage young couples who are taking the next big step of their lives to pause and talk about the marriage they envision with each other; a conversation where they feel the comfort and honesty with their partners to discuss what truly matters to them," said Tanishq general manager marketing Ranjani Krishnaswamy about the campaign. "Tanishq wants to celebrate these real conversations that lead up to the moment 'when it rings true' for our couples and etch these moments with our engagement rings.”

The film, crafted by Superfly Films Pvt Ltd, shows three regular couples who are about to take the plunge indulging in meaningful conversation about their future life together, before taking the big step.

"Our mission at Superfly has always been to use the power of storytelling to build a more progressive society. And we are happy to have had the opportunity to inspire a whole generation of soon-to-be couples across India to talk about their realities beyond the wedding," stated Superfly Films Pvt Ltd director and founder Kopal Naithani.

“We are proud of the brand for inspiring and encouraging soon-to-be-married couples to get raw and real and build a strong foundation together, as they inevitably set on a rollercoaster of a journey that is life," said Dentsu Webchutney creative director Binaifer Dulani. "We hope couples across India will feel empowered to be vulnerable with each other and talk about their future before they take the big step.”