Redcliffe Labs onboards Gautam Gambhir as brand ambassador

  •  November 17,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Redcliffe Labs, also known as Redcliffe Life Diagnostics has announced Gautam Gambhir as its national brand ambassador to promote the access and right to good health amongst all Indians.

“Gambhir is among the most-admired Indian cricketers and is an embodiment of good health. Thus, he would be the perfect harbinger to make people aware of the role of regular diagnostics in ensuring good health,” said the brand on Monday.

Redcliffe Labs founder Dheeraj Jain said the company is delivering on its mission by doing home sample collection from our collection centers, online consultation, building labs across India that are digital-first. “With Gautam as part of the team, we intend to educate people about the benefits of getting regular health checkups and how such check-ups cover almost a hundred tests that can help prevent fatal diseases if diagnosed in time,” he added.

“The second wave of the pandemic has been an eye-opener and now it is time to change completely towards preventive health,” said Gambhir elaborating on the association. “Redcliffe’s core focus is to build on this and provide routine health test packages to all fellow Indians no matter what. It is set to make real disruption and I am with them to reach every possible pin code of Bharat and give real access to healthcare and diagnostics.”