Kareena Kapoor Khan becomes brand ambassador for Samrat Atta & Flours

  •  November 24,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Parakh Group-owned Samrat, a brand known for its wide range of daily use consumption items, has announced Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan as its brand ambassador.

With Parakh Group’s motto of ‘Growing Together,’ the entire chain’s joint efforts have created a brand that is focused on uncompromising quality and industry-leading retail space replenishment lead times through its coordinated sales and distribution tracking mechanisms. Apart from servicing consumers, Samrat also has a widespread presence in the bulk segment supplying to the gigantic Indian HORECA market.

“The pandemic taught all of us more about the importance of hygiene even in our own homes and we were proud to see the country’s women taking a stance to shift away from atta grinded in olden chakkis to Samrat Atta in large numbers, hence trusting us with our professional expertise in raw material selection and hygienic & touchless manufacturing and packing processes. Who better to further spread this message of home food hygiene than Kareena Kapoor Khan?," stated the company director Mayank Parakh. "Now a mother of two, Kareena has set higher standards for mothers in all avenues of child upbringing along with an excellent example of work-life balance. We share her ideology on health and hygiene for oneself and our families and we hope to spread this message out to our patrons together.”

Parakh Group will gradually roll out a brand campaign with Khan where she will be seen engaging the consumers talking about food hygiene and encouraging them to move towards the trusted Samrat Atta with a 'Swad Aur Sehat Ka Waada.' Additionally, the popular Samrat besan will have its own campaign celebrating the home-cooked delicacies, said the brand.

“Samrat is one of the biggest names in the industry and their range of products are the epitome of purity which is quite evident with their focus on hygiene, health, and of course amazing taste which never falls short in satisfying our love for food, said Kareena Kapoor Khan.

“The Kapoor clan is known for being food lovers, and so am I. Every occasion, be it about career milestones, family dinners or festivals, it starts with lots of homemade delicious delicacies. It makes me more than excited to be associated with the Samrat brand which has already been an integral part of our lives since decades," she added.