International Men's Day: Brands challenge stereotypes, start conversation on mental health

  •  November 21,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: “Real men don’t cry. Real men are tough, real men don’t seek help, real men are self-sufficient. Be strong. Be a man.”

When it comes to gender-based stereotypes, it's not just women, but men who also become victims of rigid and deeply entrenched cultural expectations. We live in a society where the identities and roles of individuals are often linked to their gender. That’s why it's important to question these biases and normalise conversations around positive masculinity and manhood.

This International Men's Day, that's what several brands did as they raised awareness on men’s issues that are normally brushed under the carpet.

Man Matters

The home-grown digital health platform for men launched a digital campaign #MenDontTalk. The brand roped in Mirzapur fame actor Divyenndu Sharma to encourage men to speak up and start conversations around their health and well-being. The digital film executed by Spring Marketing Capital addresses how socially recognised ideas about masculinity are proving painfully slow at changing the mindset. The archaic concept of ‘Alpha’ is compelling men to impose self-enforced silence on issues related to mental health, medical problems, intimacy, and other struggles. The campaign seeks to break this unhealthy cycle of stigma and urges men to open up and normalise conversations around one’s wellbeing.

The campaign also sheds light on statistics revealing that 28 per cent of men don’t seek medical help for mental health conditions while 35 per cent wait more than two years or have never disclosed a mental health problem to a friend or family member. As per another recent survey conducted by a brand, over 80 per cent of the men do not express their emotions for the fear of being judged or getting embarrassed in front of their peer group.

Bombay Shaving Company

The men’s grooming brand celebrated International Men’s Day by rolling out a campaign video #AllGuysAreTheSame. The video highlights archaic generalisation and preconceived notions about men and their emotional, behavioural, and social orientation, which results in all men being boxed into the same labels.

The campaign conceptualised and developed in-house by the Bombay Shaving Company team tries to get close to the truth by interviewing nine men and eight women and asking them revealing questions about men. The difference in the unfiltered and heartfelt responses of these men and women highlight the misconceptions about men in our society, revealing that ‘all men are not the same’. Amusing yet thought-provoking, the film reveals some home truths about men, their struggles, insecurities, vulnerability, and stacks of self-doubt.

SBI General

SBI General highlighted the important and diverse roles that men play in our lives. From being a responsible sibling to a dependable husband and caring father and a son, it's the little things men do that make them the original providers of ‘Suraksha aur Bharosa dono’ for their loved ones. The campaign by Tonic Worldwide emphasise the struggles men go through while safeguarding their families, even as they ensure to provide Suraksha and Bharosa.

Mankind Pharma

The importance of starting a conversation about positive masculinity can go a long way in shaping the gender notions for the coming generations. It is equally crucial to call out toxic masculinity when one sees it. Society is often guilty of turning a blind eye to a man’s not-so-gentlemanly behaviour under the guise of tropes like ‘Men will be men’.

This International Men’s Day, Mankind Pharma tackles this unpleasant, difficult but more relevant than ever subject through its campaign  #NahiChaltaHai. It encourages people to educate themselves and be aware of the behaviours that can be uncomfortable and are downright wrong. The video featuring actor Adil Hussein urges us to talk with the men and growing boys around us to tell them about the acts that are unacceptable while promoting gender equality and improved gender relations to create a safe and better world for everyone.

Kotak Mahindra

The bank paid a sweet tribute to different roles played by a man in easing the lives of their families with a social media post that goes: “Thank you for loosening the tight jars, reaching the top shelves of the cupboards, being our go-to heroes, and helping us be our best selves every day”


The homegrown digital monthly employee health benefits subscription platform for SMEs & start-ups has launched a digital-first campaign #ManItsOk to mark International Men’s Day. The campaign encourages men to be vocal about their emotions and express themselves, driving the core messaging that it’s perfectly ‘OKAY’.

The #ManItsOk campaign will run for a week, starting from 18 November to 25 November kickstarting with a social story campaign encouraging men to share stories that resonate with the theme, leading to a weeklong employee and their family engagement initiatives.