BARC week 21: The Q is heading to the big league of channels

  •  June 5,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: QYOU Media Inc has announced that The Q India, the company's Hindi language youth-oriented channel has reported a new record gross rating point (GRP) level in week 21 of 2021, as measured by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC). 

GRP is a measurement that combines viewer impressions with the time spent viewing (TSV) a particular channel. In week 21, The Q recorded 94.65 million viewer impressions with an average TSV of 104.56 minutes, which on a combined basis has driven The Q to its highest GRP level in company history. 

The GRP of The Q in the week 21 report of BARC is 53, and clearly indicates that the channel is making steady progress and heading into the big league dominated by mass-market channels that are operated by Sony, Zee TV, and Viacom (Colors). The Q also recorded an eight-week average GRP of 46.23. 

It should be noted that GRP is one of the most vital metrics used to project potential future revenue growth. As The Q is gearing up with a line up of new programmes, the channel is expected to join the big league in the coming months. 

"This has been an incredible ratings run and every week we are thrilled with the solid fan base that we are clearly establishing.  Perhaps the most amazing part of this is that we have yet to launch many of our new programs and series and in addition, there has been little to no marketing of the channel to date. This is happening organically and via the virtuous loop, we all believed in where our creators and their social presence are building our brand directly with our viewers. We are not resting on these results and expect to continue to build distribution, programming, and marketing efforts to push The Q to (still) higher and higher levels," said QYOU chief executive officer and media co-founder Curt Marvis. 

In a recent statement, the company said that The Q is available in over 100 million TV households and reaching over 612 million OTT and mobile users in India.