BL Agro’s ambitious Rs 150 crore expansion plan

  •  May 27,2021 ByIndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: BL Agro Industries Limited, one of the fastest growing edible oils and food products companies in India, with a turnover of Rs 2500 crore is on an aggressive expansion mode with extensive brand endorsements to reach out to target audiences.

The company which recently launched TVCs for its brands, Bail Kolhu and Nourish has rolled out its marketing plans for the fiscal year 2021-22. The company will invest in a media mix of mainline, digital and innovative media vehicles led by Television, to create brand positioning resulting in consumer awareness and demand for BL Agro products across India.

“Our company is on an aggressive B2C expansion spree with a keen eye on profitable incremental growth and sustained capability, which can be achieved through proper marketing strategies” says BL Agro managing director Ashish Khandelwal. 

“To take the brand to the next level through marketing and proper messaging, we have earmarked a media budget of Rs 150 crores for the current year. With a vision to contribute to the nation's agro-economy, we would be channelizing our capacities through a manifold approach to reach out to the maximum audiences,” Khandelwal added.

BL Agro’s brands include Bail Kolhu, a 50-year-old product, and Nourish that envision a growing need to add nutrition to the consumers’ daily food habits. The company recently on-boarded Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee, Pankaj Tripathi and Shilpa Shetty for its brands, says BL Agro brand spokesperson Richa Khandelwal.

“The entire range of BL Agro products are (meant) for all age groups, across different strata of society, and therefore it is imperative to be on every media. Television still holds the maximum mileage, where spends would be close to 60 per cent, followed by the print/radio/OOH, digital and online media besides other media such as public relations and influencer marketing,” adds Richa. 

BL Agro consistently produces nutritionally well balanced quality food products using state-of-the-art technology that provides substantial support to Indian farmers. The company has a wide portfolio of food products and relies on agricultural value chains to procure raw materials at scale thus boosting farmer incomes. The company also aims to empower farmers and drive long-term growth through creation of infrastructure to support the agro-industry.

At the same time, with expansion of such a magnitude, BL Agro is contributing considerably in the domain of employment generation. The company already has a work force strength of about 5000, including a huge field force, with this number set to rise in times to come.