Mohey's new ad film takes a relook at wedding rituals

  •  September 21,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Rarely does one stop to question the meaning of age-old rituals and traditions that have been passed down to us from generation to generation. Most of us follow them blindly, usually without even knowing the significance behind them and without giving it a thought whether some of these rituals may have become outdated.

The recent digital video campaign of Mohey from the house of Manyavar, featuring Alia Bhatt, throws light at some of our wedding rituals and the conventional thought behind it, while promoting a conversation for a more inclusive space for women in marriage and in life.

The film attempts to take a progressive stance on ‘Kanyadaan’- one of the central rituals during a wedding- and strike a balance between tradition and gender equality. In the ad film, Alia dons the role of a bride who questions certain conventional stereotypes associated with the girl child and her marriage in society. "I absolutely believe in this thought and this is something very close to my heart. I am glad that I could be a part of this film and convey a message that might bring about a positive change in society,” said Bhatt.

Through the film, the women’s wedding wear brand calls for a rethink to the mindset that considers a girl child to be a liability. The film ends with a small but significant gesture that redefines Kanyadaan to ‘Kanyamaan'.

On the making of the ad, Shreyansh Innovations director Shreyansh Baid said, “We have always believed in progressive communication and our main thought behind making this film was to convey a strong message that is rooted in the rich Indian culture and take it a step forward by deriving inspiration from the new-age Woman and the new-age society. With Alia on board we have been able to create a communication that strikes a chord and invokes a positive change.”

Vedant Fashions Limited CMO Vedant Modi said Mohey has always symbolised the progressive women of our society. “Through this commercial, we have tried to bring about a shift in the mindset of the general populace while being respectful and fervent towards our traditions and rituals,” he added.