Pitchfork Partners bags PR mandate for Songfest India

  •  July 29,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Content agency Songfest India has appointed Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting as its communication counsel.

Pitchfork will amplify and communicate the vision and the messaging of Songfest India through the media and bolster its reputation as a company known for creating out-of-the-box and engaging content for brands, the agency said in a statement on Thursday.

The agency is also set to widen its digital presence by striking partnerships with social and OTT platforms.

“Pitchfork understands our needs and is best suited for our requirements," said Songfest India co-founder and CEO, Gaurav Dagaonkar. "Songfest is a dynamic company that is young, driven, and ambitious. We are looking to expand rapidly and explore new avenues to showcase our offerings. Pitchfork’s experience and expertise will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals.”

“Songfest is committed to helping brands amplify their communication. Be it startups or large brands, we align ourselves with their positioning to create content that resonates with their target audience, with an approach that’s ROI-driven. As we broaden our horizons, it’s great to have Pitchfork Partners on board with us in our journey," added Songfest India co-founder, Meghna Mittal.

Talking about the association, Pitchfork Partners co-founder, Jaideep Shergill said, “Songfest is a powerhouse of creative video solutions and we look forward to communicating its message to the right audience. With our skills and domain knowledge, we believe we can offer interesting solutions that will increase their share of media and the spotlight. Also, our experience in entertainment will hold us in good stead when it comes to serving Songfest.”