Mobil celebrates trucker’s journey with short film 'Sonu Tey Pappa Di Gaddi'

  •  November 24,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

Mumbai: Engine oil maker Mobil has come out with a powerful, short film which celebrates the journey of a trucker. The film, titled "Sonu Tey Pappa Di Gaddi," is conceptualised by DDB 22Feet Tribal and the story, screenplay & dialogues are credited to The Script Room.

Shot across multiple locations in Rajasthan over five days, the film is produced by Coconut Films. Rajesh Ramaswamy, The Script Room co-founder, has directed the film and it's now available on Jio TV.

“This was a dream project for The Script Room. A great opportunity for a writers’ hub where writing was at the heart of it. With lots of scope to explore a story, screenplay, characters, dialogues, lyrics and at the same time bring in our brand expertise. And it was great fun and a learning experience to interact with the creative folks at 22Feet, which is something we are keen on. To collaborate with different minds to create beautiful stories. And separately as a director I got the opportunity to explore a long format project which was a great experience,” stated Ramaswamy.

DDB 22Feet Tribal’s Mansoor Jamal said, “Truckers in India are always seen as people who are intimidating on road rushing to move things from point A to B and sometimes even from their close ones. Nobody looks up to a trucker. And unfortunately not many know of their personal struggles and sacrifices they make. We wanted to tell their story through this film. And we found the perfect partner in The Script Room to collaborate and make this happen. Ramsam, UJ and the team at The Script Room saw the idea we had, and elevated it to flesh out the whole film. It was an absolute pleasure working with them."

The 27-minute short film aims to capture the essence of the brand, while connecting it with its audiences through a heart-warming narrative. The story line follows a trucker’s road journey, which is an everyday affair for him, except that his teenage son has joined him on this one. The child gets to see his father’s hard work, effort and sacrifices that makes his life better, and the father also gets to spend time with his son which in itself is a luxury for him, and in the process gets to know him. By the end of the trip the duo develops a bond and newfound respect for each other. The product is seamlessly used in the story line adding a slice-of-life element to the film.

“The trucking community is integral to economic growth, and truck drivers deliver almost everything we rely upon. This trucker movie 'Sonu Tey Papa Di Gaddi' by Mobil symbolises our appreciation of the trucking community, aiming to invoke respect and recognition for the drivers.  Mobil Delvac brand supports the drivers in economic growth by helping them reduce maintenance and service cost, while this movie will drive societal growth and development by uncovering the challenges faced by the community and bringing positive change in the life of drivers,” said Mobil Delvac brand and offer advisor - South AP Sumit Rana.

Speaking about engagement, The Script Room co-founder Ayyappan Raj stated, “It’s a totally new thing for us - working together with a creative agency and co-creating something for another client. While conceptually it sounded complex with multiple stakeholders, the actual process was quite simple and smooth. We did a few rounds of discussions to get the central thought and then everything else happened quite fast. Thanks a lot to Mansoor, Bala from 22Feet for trusting us on this and seeing the project through together.”