Group M research reveals consumers affinity for latest tech

  •  January 12,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

NEW DELHI: GroupM has released a new research that reveals that one in two (54.3 per cent) consumers believe it’s important to be equipped with the latest technology.

Conducted by GroupM’s Live Panel in December 2020, this original research looks at the importance of new technology in consumers’ lives. The agency surveyed 1000 US consumers on their attitudes toward technology across six general categories: attitudes toward technology, information sharing and privacy, virtual reality-based devices and services, smart appliances, mobile devices and digital services, such as visual search, streaming audio and streaming video.

The key highlights of the research are –

· Attitudes toward technology:

54.3 per cent respondents agree with this statement: “It’s important my household is equipped with the latest technology.” Males, younger people and higher-income households all “completely agree” with a much higher propensity than other groups.

· 5G connected devices:

More than half (51.5 per cent) respondents said they have a 5G device such as a mobile phone that can connect to a 5G network. Among the half of the population without a 5G connected device, 59.6 per cent of 35-54 year-olds said they expect to buy one in the next year, while 45.2 per cent of 18-34 year-olds said the same.

· Digital services:

Voice assistance/Visual search: 96.1 per cent respondents use an Amazon or Apple connected product to help with their shopping.

Streaming audio services: The responses were significantly higher for females than males regarding YouTube Music (49.1 per cent to 42.4 per cent), Pandora (53.4 per cent to 39.7 per cent) and local online radio station (19.6 per cent to 15.4 per cent).

Streaming video: In order to maintain a lower monthly bill for streaming services, 66 per cent respondents said they would accept having to watch commercials.

· Virtual or augmented reality: 

The higher the income, the more likely a consumer would respond “yes” to having a “virtual travel experience” like visiting a museum or a foreign city— eight per cent of the highest quintile, while only 24.7 per cent of the lowest quintile. Overall, males across each age group showed a higher propensity to have accessed a “virtual” trip.

· Information sharing and privacy for health and fitness trackers: 

81.7 per cent of respondents believe that either they or a family member should be the only ones with access to this data. On the other hand, only 6.9 per cent of respondents believe the company that made the device or software should have access.

· Smart appliances: 

48 per cent agreed that they would like a home appliance to “automatically order replacements when I am running out of related products” (i.e.: a washing machine ordering new detergent or a refrigerator ordering food).

GroupM global president of business intelligence Brian Wieser said, “New technologies change the ways in which consumers engage with brands and introduce new ways to drive long-term growth. Exploring the contours of new technology adoption laid out in this research is critical for marketers to better understand how to allocate their resources in 2021 and beyond.”