Brands in US pause political donations after Capitol Hill episode

  •  January 12,2021 By IndianTelevision Team

NEW DELHI: Multiple brands in the US have decided to pause political donations to both Republicans and Democrats following Wednesday's Capitol siege. These include the likes of JPMorgan, Citibank, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Media reports say that JPMorgan will pause all political funding for at least six months, Citibank for the remainder of the quarter, and Facebook for the next three months.

Other companies that are following the suite include 3M, Dow, Marriott, and Morgan Stanley. These companies have expressed their discontentment around the Capitol Hill attacks and have stated that the focus of all the leaders should be on governing and helping those who need it. Some organisations have decided to suspend political contributions to representatives and senators who voted against the certification of Biden’s election last week.

FedEx, Target, CVS Health, AT&T, and Walmart are among the companies currently reviewing their positions on political contributions

Facebook told Axios it would pause political donations to the Democrats and the GOP for at least three months. The social media giant also indefinitely suspended Trump's Facebook account on Thursday, which will last at least until President-elect Biden is inaugurated on January 20.

Microsoft is also freezing all political donations for the remainder of the quarter, Ashley Gold of Axios reported.

The attack that took place last Wednesday left five people dead and several injured. There was an intense clash between the police authorities and local people after they were incited by the outgoing US president Donald Trump.

People across the world condemned the attacks and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have suspended Trump’s account, citing the risk of him disturbing the peace in the country.