It’s learning time for honchos as they acclimatise to new workstations

  •  March 26,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

MUMBAI: Remote working is the new norm in the industry in these difficult times. With the governments across the crisis-hit countries announcing lockdown, even top-notch executives now have to confine their work space in a room. They are strategizing from their new workstations not only to stay their business afloat but to ensure the safety of their employees. While new-age companies are also working remotely, traditional players are also adapting to the situation promptly. 

Many of the executives have also spread positivity on social networks like Linkedin in this panic-stricken situation. We at tried to extract from them what have been the experiences and the lessons they are learning.

“Having worked in the industry for nearly 30 years, what we are all experiencing is probably none of us have experienced in our lifetime! Even though these are challenging times for all, what I totally love is the ‘glass half full’ attitude of all at Discovery INC across the world! ‘Employee first’ is what defines the people and culture of our organisation. Whilst we all work from home across the Globe, the show must go on!,” Discovery South Asia managing director Megha Tata said.

Tata also shared an image of how 70 employees across different time zones are meeting on video conference calls.

TikTok India head Nikhil Gandhi has found many learnings, new perspectives and positives from work-from-home.  “It's been more than a week and I have noticed an increase in productivity and seamless coordination to ensure employee safety and business continuity. Not to mention more time on hand to indulge in ideation and self development. The backdrop of colleagues connecting over video calls on one side and family members hovering around on the other gives work-life balance a whole new meaning. This will set new imagination and ideas for companies to rethink how better work can happen in the future,” Gandhi said. 

Tata Sky CEO Harit Nagpal highlights another key learning which can be maintained even after this phase is over. “Working from home, via con calls, many people are realizing that for best comprehension, they have to go on mute when someone else is talking. Hope this habit continues when we go back, once again, to in-person meetings,” he said.

Firework India CEO Sunil Nair mentioned that the first priority is to how the entire Firework family, including creators, team members, partner, and audience, stays safe. He also added that they want to ensure the audience still gets what they love. 

BangInTheMiddle managing partner and chief creative officer Pratap Suthan mentioned that this is a very different time. While work is certainly important, so are the lives of clients and their colleagues. He requested the industry to understand that there might be delays in delivering sometimes. 

Transport will be erratic. People may not have wi-fi connections. We may not be able to hire out computers for home use. Electricity and back-ups may not be available. Even furniture and space may not be there. And in instances, home atmosphere may not be conducive for work; there maybe someone ill at home. Not all of us have the luxury of quiet to carry on bashing,” he said.

“So if you are a client who has the muscle to equip your people with work-infra in quick time, agencies may not be able to mirror your efficiency. We don’t have the wallets or man power. Have a heart. Give extra rope to your agency. Don’t persecute them for missing deadlines. As much as we will stretch to deliver things, mishaps will happen - to the best of us. We are all in this together. Remember that these are exceptional times. It’s a great time to be human and to be humane,” he added.

IBM India advisory board head Neelam Dhawan stated how digital transformation has made remote work easier. IT and communications is truly helping us manage the COVID 19 problem. “In current social distancing, we are connected and working and also trying to be safe. I see the digitally transformed companies managing better. I am banking, shopping, communicating, working and being entertained all online! And so are millions of others. The mantra, to grow revenue, grow profits and cut costs, is possible with the digital transformation. The early adopters have made it easier for us to manage this isolation. Once the world is rid of this disease it will be a different world. Future of Work and Future of life will be different,” she said.