Instagram most preferred platform for influencer marketing: Report

  •  December 22,2019 By IndianTelevision Team

MUMBAI: Around 70 per cent of brands, which participated in a survey done by Buzzoka - influencer marketing company, have bet on Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, as the best platform for influencer marketing in 2019, followed by LinkedIn & Tik Tok at 8 per cent each.

In its third edition of Influencer Marketing Outlook, Buzzoka surveyed over 500 brand custodians and content creators in December. The brand custodians included agency and brand folks across the Indian eco-system.

While 50 per cent of surveyed brands see influencer marketing as an important tool, at least 52 per cent of them believes that it gives better reach and engagement with audiences.

According to the report, the majority of brands look for the quality of content, influencer produces before finalising; with a maximum spend of $50,000 for each campaign in a year of a brand.

Over 30 per cent of surveyed brands believe influencer marketing has been the fastest growing online customer acquisition method.

Meanwhile, around 60 per cent of the brands believe that Instagrammers are the most effective in the influencer marketing system compare to other social media platforms.

Over 45 per cent of brands are of opinion that around 5-7 per cent of the overall budget is spent on influencer marketing in 2018. However, over 70 per cent of the brands are ready to increase the percentage spends in the influencer marketing budget in 2019.

Out of the surveyed brands, 50 per cent of them are okay with influencers disclosing the content they are putting is sponsored, whereas 50 per cent are not comfortable with revealing it.

Over 75 per cent of brands see ‘determining the ROI (return on investment) of my influencer marketing programs’ as one of the major challenges for influencer marketing in 2019.