Philips India sparks off Diwali festivities

  •  October 19,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

MUMBAI: Philips, a leading player in the consumer electronics segment, has launched a campaign for the festive season titled Khushiyon ki Ladi.    

Traditionally, the brand has been a key advertiser during this period because people love to upgrade their homes with electronic devices. A large chunk of people wait for the festive season to buy new goods because they get great discounts, which adds to their celebrations. 

The marketing objective of Philips is to revive the spirit of celebration this Diwali, and as a result revive people’s need to make a purchase for their home.

Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the film talks about how each one of us can ignite a Khushiyon ki Ladi or string of happiness. The film illustrates how joy and prosperity can trickle down from one family to another this Diwali - all triggered by one single purchase. Besides film, the campaign extends to other media like Instagram stories, carousels, print and point-of-sale.

The key challenge was to devise a festive campaign keeping in mind the sensitivity of the time. The country is still very much in the middle of the pandemic and an economic crisis. Full blown celebrations are not expected as these have limitations and challenges. Therefore, people are not yet ready to celebrate in a full-blown manner. 

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The agency shares that when it sat down to think on the communication strategy, it realised that the power to evoke joy and reinvigorate the economy lies in the hands of a single individual. Any purchase made, no matter how big or small, can help make someone else’s Diwali. This becomes especially relevant in the context of India slowly opening up post-lockdown.

Ogilvy (north), chief creative officer, Ritu Sharda said, “We’re all expecting Diwali to be a little different this year, but we’re hoping something will still spark that infectious festive spirit. In some way or the other, we will all celebrate Diwali together. So, we thought why don’t we light a ladi this year, a slightly different one, but one that involves everyone. The beauty is that any one person can spark off this Khushiyon ki Ladi, a ladi that quietly but surely, spreads joy from one home to another.”

It will be interesting to see how the festive season pans out for the consumer electronics segment.