Hyundai prompts young Indians to #BeTheBetterGuy

  •  December 3,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

NEW DELHI: If life were a video game, Indian roads would be Grand Theft Auto. Because how often have you witnessed rash driving, red light jumping, speeding, been involved in a fender bender, or worse? And for most people, the customary response to being embroiled in a traffic dispute is anger. As per 2015 statistics released by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 4.09 lakh incidents of road rage took place on Indian roads.

In this regard, the #BeTheBetterGuy - Road Safety initiative is a continuous effort from Hyundai Motor India to spread awareness and sensitise masses about the importance of road safety. It recently commenced phase four of the #BeTheBetterGuy movement. The initiative highlights the road safety practices through innovative and engaging content to bring behavioural change among all the stakeholders.  

Additionally, the recently launched 'Respecting the New Normal' campaign strongly advocates safe driving practices, maintaining hygiene and social distance, cultivating the habit of wearing masks when driving or riding in the car, and periodic car sanitisation for safety.

Hyundai Motor India MD and CEO SS Kim said, “Realising our vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’ we are committed to curating unique social messages that instil Road Safety habits amongst individuals. The #BeTheBetterGuy campaign has become instrumental in generating the much-needed impetus towards road safety. In the new normal where the preference for personal mobility has gained more importance, it becomes even more important to sensitize the millennial generation about road safety.”

#BeTheBetterGuy road safety initiative is a flagship campaign of Hyundai Motor India since 2016 highlighting the need to observe safe driving habits such as following speed limits and traffic rules, avoiding the use of mobile phone while driving, usage of the seatbelt, avoiding drunk driving, discouraging underage driving and pedestrian safety.

Past three phases of #BeTheBetterGuy were a huge success, winning several accolades from eminent Indian media. Under the ‘Safe Move’– Road safety initiative, Hyundai is also conducting programs with RWAs to enhance awareness and understanding of road safety rules, thereby helping create a safe and happy society, where both drivers and pedestrians can enjoy a safe environment.