Gozoop’s #HumHongeKamyaab campaign brings a ray of positivity

  •  March 26,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

MUMBAI: As India gears up to face a global pandemic, with a 21-day nation-wide lockdown, public sentiment veers between anxiety, confusion, and determination. With social distancing being the need of the hour, there is a need to be united in spirit while physically staying apart, so that we can break the chain and flatten the curve. 

At the close of the PM's address where he announced a nation-wide 21-day lockdown, Gozoop released a video to showcase this determination and spirit that is more than just the sound of a spoon hitting a plate. It is a sound that reverberates the will and determination of a nation that has come together in trying times. This video was shared by NITI Aayog in the public interest.

The video has also been shared by Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone to promote this message of positivity in tough times.

Hum Honge Kamyaab is a song that has represented the country’s hope and determination for generations and continues to do so in these difficult times. This song perfectly describes the spirit of every Indian across the country because when the doors were shut, people took to their windows to come together.  

This moment was the ray of light all of us had been looking for in these bleak times. 

A moment of hope. A moment of togetherness. A moment of perseverance. A moment that tells us it will all be okay. 

Speaking about this, Gozoop CEO and co-founder Ahmed Aftab Naqvi said, “This is a time for all of us to stick together in spirit but stay separate at home. We wanted to communicate this message to as many people across the nation, in a way that they understand and act on it. I am glad that our team while working from home, put in their efforts and used the power of creativity to launch this video. I am thankful to the NITI Aayog for supporting this idea and helping it reach across India. If this helps save even one life, we will consider our job done.  #HumHongeKamyaab.”

Gozoop Creative Head Shrenik Chedda said, “I have always believed that advertising is creativity with a purpose. So when our Prime Minister spoke about coming together, it struck a chord within all of us. And that's where the idea was born. This video channels the powerful sentiment of our nation and champions the need for unity in times of adversity. A unity whose very essence is bound in staying apart.”

“The beauty of our great country is that despite our differences in times of crisis our SPIRIT is paramount. From this simple truth was born #HumHongeKamyaab. Our attempt was to pull off a tale of this unity in a unique way, bringing together positivity and pride from different parts of India in a short span of 2 days. Standing strong together is the core of every crisis, but the uniqueness here is standing away and emerging stronger,” said Gozoop group director - brand communications  Megha Ahuja.

While it is important to be united in spirit in these trying times, it is equally important to physically stay apart. Let’s continue social distancing in a diligent manner, as we can make a difference by staying indoors.

As we remain bound by a determination to face the COVID-19 crisis head-on, there is one thing we must always keep in mind - Times are tough. But we are tougher.