Dollar Industries adapt to changing consumer trends

  •  October 14,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

Dollar Industries has unveiled a new campaign to promote its existing range of Dollar Bigboss and Dollar Missy.

The company said that it explores many aspects of self, audaciously embracing and showcasing a collective individuality and shattering of the status quo.

The Dollar Missy campaign film, featuring Bollywood star Chitrangada Singh contradicts the popular philosophy of women prolonging to dress up, the campaign showcases how Dollar Missy enables today’s Gen Y woman to get ready in a jiffy so that she may seamlessly juggle between her personal, official and social lives.

The Dollar Bigboss commercial starring Akshay Kumar reveals the actor’s perfect clone effectively devised, failing in one final and most vital test. Unlike the Dollar Bigboss vest worn by Akshay, his clone’s vest gets easily ripped off portraying only the original brand can stand up to the test of advanced strength and durability.

Developed by Lowe Lintas Kolkata, it reflects the brand’s alacrity to adapt to changing consumer trends and break existing stereotypes when it comes to fashion, both for men and women.

Both the commercials have been directed by ad film maker, Shiven Surendranath. The campaign has been released on both electronic and online platforms.

Dollar Industries MD Vinod Kumar Gupta said, “With our decade long association with Akshay Kumar, our brand has witnessed a 3x growth. Coming to Dollar Missy, for women, armed with an enviable range of womenswear, we felt it was time for us to break old-standing beliefs as well. Our festive collection consists of 102 colors to choose from. The leggings cater to various occasions and are a perfect fit for women across various leagues of life.”

Lowe Lintas regional creative officer Janmenjoy Mohanty said, “Akshay is a brilliant actor who pulls off the film with flying colours. With regards to Missy, the concept was derived from the product itself. These easy-to-slip-on legwear are meant for a wide variety of occasions and uses and lends itself perfectly to the idea that today’s multi-tasking woman is game for #SpeedDressing.”