Aqualite brings in Javed Akhtar to pen #ComfortDikhtaHai spot

  •  November 21,2020 By IndianTelevision Team

NEW DELHI: Footwear brands Aqualite has launched its new brand campaign #ComfortDikhtaHai targeting Indians across diverse age groups. The new TVC showcases the Aqualite's range of PU, EVA and printed hawai chappals, and highlights the brand’s commitment to comfort and style.

With an aim to reach out to masses across all languages, the lyrics of the new ad campaign have been written by acclaimed lyricist Javed Akhtar. The jingle will be available across multiple languages with renowned Bollywood artiste Piyush Mishra singing it in Hindi, Zubeen Garg in Assamese, Roopam Islam in Bengali and the multi-talented LV Revanth singing it in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

#ComfortDikhtaHai marketing campaign has been developed and conceptualised by Kolkata-based ad agency Shreyansh Innovations. The 60 second TVC will be aired in major TV channels, and will further be leveraged through other mediums including print ads across national publications, along with outdoor and BTL level activations in Bihar, UP,  and in store communication.

Aqualite MD Davinder Kumar Gupta said, “Over the years, Aqualite has invested in understanding the needs, tastes and preferences of Indian customers. Aqualite Research Institute is a testament to our commitment to our Indian customers who are looking for comfortable footwear.  At the Aqualite Research Institute, our experts scientifically study our customers' feet and develop products which are not only affordable and made of high quality but are also skin friendly, cost effective and have perfect pattern and size.”

He further added, “The thought behind #ComfortDikhtaHai campaign is to highlight Aqualite’s commitment to deliver best comfort for your feet. The campaign resonates with our motto of bringing comfortable footwear to Indian masses anywhere and everywhere.”

Light House Funds partner Sachin Bhartiya said, “As strategic partners to Aqualite, we are positive that the company’s commitment on comfort, innovation and quality will make them one of India’s most trusted and admired footwear brand. Through its contemporary footwear that sets benchmarks in comfort, affordability and style, Aqualite is empowering Indian masses across the country. The #ComfortDikhtaHai campaign will resonate with consumers since it stands for what the brand has been consistently focussing on for all these years.”

Shreyansh Innovations creative head Debdarsan Dutta said, “Our main task was to make the core Aqualite benefit of comfortable footwear resonate with the masses. We sought to do it by eschewing the much-bandied celebrity endorsement route and stand out from the clutter by representing our comfort premise through the relatable visual metaphor of a cushion / pillow. Adding to this visual delight, the comfort story is further complemented by a likeable audio track. We are confident that #ComfortDikhtahai will sit as comfortably with our audiences as Aqualite footwear does on your feet.”